Cultivating Food to Secure Nutrition and Generate Income

Agriculture with 30 percent of the GDP is the most important business sector in Kenya. About three quarters of the Kenyan population lives on agriculture. According to the new constituation women are allowed to own land, however due to traditional and cultural circumstances land ownership is denied to most women.

In an agriculture project we provide the women from several villages in Kilifi County with fields near their home. They learn in trainings how to cultivate vegetables, maize and fruits. The products secure nutrition for themselves and their children. Moreover, they can sell the products on the market to have a source of income.

We are looking for funds to realize the initial investments for fields, irrigation and other material. In the long-term the project should pay for itself: It should secure nutrition, enable a source of income and build the basis for a self-determined life for the women and the upcoming generations.

For this project we have started a fundraising campaign on, where it is possible to donate. With a donation of only 2 Euros you can fund already 5 square metres of land.

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Where is Kilifi?

Kilifi ist located at the east coast of Kenya, about 70 km north of Mombasa.