COVID-19 in Kenia

Das Corona-Virus breitet sich auch in Kenia aus. Über 2.000 Menschen sind bereits infiziert (Stand: 2. Juni 2020, Quelle: WHO). Es herrschen strenge Maßnahmen.

Timothy Musa, ein Student der Pwany University in Kilifi und ehemaliger Austauschstudent im Rahmen des ADDI-Kooperationsprojekts, der bis heute in unserem Women Empowerment Projekt mitarbeitet, schildert uns die aktuelle Lage:

„Since the reports about the first case of COVID-19 March 2020 in Kenya, there has been mass panic in different parts in the country. This has been ramparted due different cases reported globally and various deaths. The awareness about the pandemic keeps on increasing every day. Our minds are the most powerful tools humanity poses and through various cases the economy started to change. Kilifi women mainly depend on farming, selling of commodities in the market. Their activities have been altered following various regulations from the government. This has left many women with minimal daily business given their places have to be closed before 7 P.M. as stipulated in the Kenya Curfew. Since the outbreak Kilifi had recorded 6 cases of COVID-19; they have undergone all treatment and this has been a success for the county ta large. On 1 st May 2020, Kilifi County Governor announced there was zero cases of COVID-19 in Kilifi given all those admitted had recovered and there were no other infections. This has changed the face of Kilifi but it is required to adhere to all measure given by the government to minimize the risk. More testing is still underway to ensure the Pandemic is contained once reported.“

Wir beobachten die aktuellen Entwicklungen und senden unsere besten Wünsche und viel Gesundheit nach Kenia.

Trotz der aktuellen Herausforderungen, haben unsere WEIKE Frauen viele Fortschritte in ihrem Landwirtschaftungsprojekt gemacht – das freut uns sehr! Auf Instagram und Facebook können Sie das Projekt mitverfolgen.

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